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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I, Alex Cross

I, Alex Cross
James Patterson
Pub. Date: November 2009
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Format: eBook

Genre: Thriller



Alex Cross's niece is found brutally murdered. Overcome with grief, Alex vows to take down her killer before he strikes again. But shortly after he begins the investigation, Alex discovers that his niece had gotten mixed up with some very important, very dangerous people. And she's not the only one who has disappeared.

The hunt for the murderer leads Alex and his girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, to Washington's most infamous club--a place where every fantasy is possible, if you have the credentials to get in. The killer could be one of their patrons, one of Washington's elite who will do anything to keep their secrets buried.

With astonishing plot twists and electrifying revelations that will keep readers on the edge of their seat, I AM ALEX CROSS is James Patterson's most suspenseful Alex Cross novel yet.


This was my first ever James Patterson novel and it won't be my last either (even though it only got 3 boots). Alex Cross is a very interesting character....one that I am so going to learn more about by reading more of this series. He's also VERY relateable.

The grisly death of his estranged niece is not the only tragedy that Alex faces in this book and the way that he hands all the blows and hard knocks that keep coming at him is in my opinion AWESOME. He's a man's man. You'd want to be pals with Alex Cross. Life keeps kicking him when he's down and he keeps getting back up and saying "Kiss This!"

I guess my only complaint with the book was that there seemed to be moments in the story when there would be a "magical" break in the case. Meaning basically, Alex doesn't really do anything and another piece of the puzzle falls in their lap. I guess that might be a major contributor to why this book didn't rate higher. That and the ending just kind of fizzled out...didn't care for it.

I do enjoy that the chapters are short and easy to track. I do enjoy the writing style very much also. The supporting characters are all very well written as well and they complement Alex nicely. Overall, it wasn't a horrible book...it just didn't rock my socks off.


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Marce said...

I enjoy James P books. I haven't read this series though, glad you will keep at it.