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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Cougar Club

Pub. Date: January 2010
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: eBook, 336pp


Synopsis (from Barnes and Noble):

Meet three women who aren't about to run and hide just because the world says they should be on the shelf and out of circulation.


Her life seems perfect until she loses her high-powered advertising job and catches her live-in lover in a compromising position-with his computer!


This sexy TV news anchor is in danger of being replaced by a twentysomething blond bimbo. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was the up-and-coming star?


A married dermatologist, Elise thinks her plastic surgeon husband is playing doctor with someone else.

Kat firmly believes that aging gracefully isn't about giving up; it's about living life with your engine on overdrive. So this unofficial "Cougar Club" quickly learns three things about survival of the fittest in today's youth-obsessed society: True friendship never dies, the only way to live is real, and you're never too old to follow your heart.

I read Reading with Tequila's review of this book and I decided that I would check it out. I'm glad that I did because I really enjoyed this book a lot. It was fiction that was written in a way that addresses so many "real life" issues that women encounter in this day-n-age.
The three main characters in this book are not written like your typical cougar (predator). They just happen to be three hard working women "of a certain age" who just happen to like their men on the young side. There really isn't anything wrong with that right? They also are best friends who have unfortunately lost track of each other for a while, but once life starts kicking the crap out of them, they are reunited to take on the enemy (life) together.
This is a well written book about finding your true self after you've turned 40. There's humor, romance, there's a little bit of everything. The thing that really drew me to the story is how the "hot younger guys" are there but they defiantly take a backseat to the friendship of these three women.


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Cecile said...

I am like you... I saw this book on blog land and need to get my hands on it!! Now after your review (which was great by the way).... I KNOW I HAVE TO get my hands on it! I love the concept of this book!
I hope all is well!
Have a great day!