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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ancient Whispers review

Ancient Whispers
Marie-Claude Bourque
May 25th 2010 by Love Spell (first published 2010)
Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages

Genre: Erotica, Paranormal Romance


Synopsis (from goodreads):

“Make love to me, sorcerer. Show me your powers.”
Gabriel is the youngest member of the Priory of Callan—an ancient Celtic brotherhood of cursed sorcerers and alchemists, each with deadly abilities and each haunted by a tragic past. Tortured by the devastating loss of his fiancĂ©e in 1755, Gabriel wants nothing more than to reunite with his soul mate.
Two and a half centuries later, Gabriel is still searching for his love. And then he finds Lily Bellefontaine. Cool-headed and practical, she has no memory of Gabriel. But she also can’t deny the pull of attraction drawing her under his seductive spell, urging her to give in to the…


NOTE: This book does contain EXPLICIT content, so it should only be read by adults!

A little back story first.....I was invited to join this tour a little while ago. In all honesty I remembered signing up for a tour but I couldn't remember what book it was for (life is getting crazy around here again!), turns out it was this one. Then the book itself was accidentally delivered to my neighbors while they were on vacation and I got it the next week when they came home from vacation....so I apologize if this screws up the tour schedule at all.

When I started this book I was a little bit confused as to why the prolouge started in 1755 and then the first chapter was "present day." But as I read further it all started to make perfect sense. Once all the pieces fell into place, I had a VERY hard time putting this book down! It's got a little bit of everything in there too, romance, action, uber sexy male lead, and uber sexy supporting male characters just to name a few things!

Personally, I think it's a steamy little love story of uber sexy sorcerers who have sold their soul to eventually be reunited with a long lost loved one. A few love spells are cast which leads to UBER HOT SEX (in my opinion anyway). After the first couple of pages (the confused pages) I pretty much fell in lust with the story....so much so that I did not want it to end! So much so that I went and purchased it in e-book format on my Barnes and Noble Nook so I can read it again and again and again.

I LOVED all the characters in this book. They are all very interesting and all have shall we say "complicated" pasts. Which is really going to make the rest of this series (yup there will be MORE uber sexy sorcerers and UBER HOT SEX) VERY, VERY interesting. The main character Gabe, well how can you NOT love a guy who's been in love with and devoted to the same woman for centuries, only knowing that EVENTUALLY you will get to see her again?! Call me weird, but I think that's not only romantic but a little bit hot too!


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Sabrina (about happy books) said...

Great review.
Sounds like a great book and I just ordered my copy.