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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review ~ A Proper Suduction

Title: A Proper Seduction
Author: HelenKay Dimon
Series: N/A
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 2010, May 18
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via My Barnes and Noble Nook

Rating: 5/5
Smuttiness: 5/5

Don't get even. Get everything...

Even before her bad marriage ended, Lauren MacDonald lost everything—her job, her friends, her self-esteem, and her sexual appetite. Now that she’s finally free, she’s struggling to regain control of a life her ex did his best to destroy.

The plan: sex with Justin Scott, her ex’s business partner. The man her husband invited into their marital bed, forcing her to realize it was time to get out. Justin was the star of the fantasies that helped her endure her marriage, so she can’t deny she wanted him—but not like that. She wants him like this—alone. In her bed. For exactly three nights.

Justin screwed up with Lauren, and in the past she’s made no secret of the fact she loathes him. So when she walks into his office flashing miles of long, lean legs, his brain cells misfire. Three nights of meaningless sex? He’s all over it. Not only does he have the chance to unleash his desire for her, it’s the opening he’s been waiting for—to convince her to give him more.
I saw a review for this e-book on another blog that I follow and it sounded VERY interesting. I checked to see if it was available for Barnes and Noble Nook owners and low and behold it was! So naturally, I downloaded it and devoured it!

The premise of the book is about a woman who just got out of a TERRIBLE marriage and is looking to gain a little bit of control back in a certain part of her life....The Bedroom. So Lauren makes a proposition to Justin.....3 nights of mind-blowing, no-kissing-on-the-lips, business like sex. Which he isn't comfortable with but agrees to because he has a "thing" for Lauren. Actually, they both have a "thing" for each other if I'm being honest here.

Anyway, this is one of the shorter e-books I've read but I really enjoyed it. The plot and premise were really good in my opinion. The hero....A HOT SEX GOD! The heroine....a little beat down but comes out on top (in more ways than one) by the end of this book. The sex scenes....SCORCHING HOT!

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