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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Book Ban!

I've decided that I am going to continue on with my book ban for the month of August as well. I did really well in the month of July...I tried to go cold turkey but I ended up buying 1 book. I consider just 1 book a major victory considering I'm known for bringing home HUGE bags FULL of books.

So here are my rules for this month's ban:

1. I am NOT going to purchase any more books for the month of August.

2. I am going to work on reading my own books (hardbound and e-books), so I won't be utilizing my library this month either.

3. The two books that I have pre-ordered will not count against me.



Mel said...

Best of luck and thank you for joining me. This is going to be a tough month for me.

Marie said...

Wishing you luck!

Buying one book for the month of July must have been tough! I'm sure you'll do great this month as well :)