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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last Snow review and Giveaway!

Last Snow
Eric Van Lustbader
416 pages


* I was sent this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Jack McClure, Special Advisor and closest friend to the new President of the United States, interprets the world very differently from the rest of us. It’s his greatest liability, and his greatest asset.

An American senator, supposedly on a political trip to the Ukraine, turns up dead on the island of Capri. When the President asks him to find out how and why, Jack sets out from Moscow across Eastern Europe, following a perilous trail of diplomats, criminals, and corrupt politicians. Thrust into the midst of a global jigsaw puzzle, Jack’s unique dyslexic mind allows him to put together the pieces that others can’t even see.

Still unreconciled to the recent death of his daughter and the dissolution of his marriage, Jack takes on a personal mission along with his official one: keeping safe from harm his two unlikely, unexpected, and incompatible companions—Annika Dementieva, a rogue Russian FSB agent, and Alli Carson, the President’s daughter. As he struggles to keep both young women safe and unearth the answers he seeks, hunted by everyone from the Russian mafia to the Ukrainian police to his own NSA, Jack learns just how far up the American and Russian political ladders corruption and treachery has reached.

In the vein of Eric Van Lustbader’s latest bestselling Jason Bourne novels, Lustbader takes us on an international adventure in this powerful page-turner that will keep you reading through the night.


Last Snow is the follow up to First Daughter. Eric Van Lustbader is an author I hadn't heard of until I was approached to read and review this book on my blog. I'm glad that I was approached because I found another "new to me" author that I really like a lot. Usually, I have found sequels to have that "sophomore curse" that is so NOT the case with this book. I actually think that the sequel is BETTER than the first book. Because I think that the synopsis for this book does an excellent job of laying out the ground work for this book I am going to do what I did in my review of the First Daughter and tell you what I liked about the book. Why I think it doesn't suffer from the "sophomore curse."
1. Last Snow picks up right where First Daughter left off. I thought that there was an easy flow from one book to the other, so I was able to make a smooth transition between the two books. There are some series that I can not say that about but this is one that I most certainly can!
2. I'm not one for roller coasters usually, but this is one roller coaster that I most definitely glad I got on! All the twists and turns were great! I think (in my opinion anyway) that they were better than the first book. I was pretty much in a constant state of "who done it." I LOVE books where the "bad guy" isn't obvious.
3. I loved the "girl fights" between Annika and Alli....While Jack is trying to mediate AND keep them all alive. Sometimes it had to "suck" to be Jack. That's A LOT to put on one person!
4. Last Snow was VERY fast paced! I had a VERY hard time putting it down once I started reading it.
I guess my only "issue" with the book was the prologue. At first I wasn't sure who's perspective it was written from but once I was a couple pages into chapter 1 it became oh-so-clear to me who's perspective it was written from. Overall, I highly recommend reading both Last Snow AND First Daughter. Definite page turners....I hope that there will be more books in the Jack McClure series!
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