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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gone With The Wind - Review


Margaret Mitchell's epic novel of love and war won the Pulitzer Prize and went on to give rise to two authorized sequels and one of the most popular and celebrated movies of all time.

Many novels have been written about the Civil War and its aftermath. None take us into the burning fields and cities of the American South as Gone With the Wind does, creating haunting scenes and thrilling portraits of characters so vivid that we remember their words and feel their fear and hunger for the rest of our lives.

In the two main characters, the white-shouldered, irresistible Scarlett and the flashy, contemptuous Rhett, Margaret Mitchell not only conveyed a timeless story of survival under the harshest of circumstances, she also created two of the most famous lovers in the English-speaking world since Romeo and Juliet.

If you've seen the movie then I highly recommend reading the book to see all the "little" details that were left out of the movie. I guess in the end I'm fan of "bad boy" Rhett. I wasn't a real big fan of Ashley Wilkes....Don't know what it was...just didn't care for his character. Overall I really liked the book. I'm going to grade this one on a few different things though....

Length: 3 out of 5.....I know it's a classic but it was just a tad too long for my liking.

Dialogue: 3 out of 5....I really didn't care for the way that the "slaves" were written....was really difficult for my ADD brain to wrap itself around.

Overall: 5 out of 5


kiwimeg said...

I just looooooove Gone with the Wind. Rhett was always my favourite - Ashley was just too spineless for me! And Scarlett - she's just fantastic. Life in that era must have been so tough for women who wanted MORE.

~Mary said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! It is HUGE but worth the read!