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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Buying patterns/habits! Do you have one?

Today's discussion post is about book buy patterns/habits. Me my book buying patterns/habits are pretty simple. I am pretty predictable when it comes to book buying. The book section at stores like Walmart and Target call my name....Since I work at a Target, the book section calls my name 9 hours a night 4 days a week. If a cover trips my trigger I'll pick it up and read the back. If the synopsis of the book trips my trigger, there is a VERY good chance that the book will end up in my cart. There have been times when I have gone into either store with the intention of buying only the things on my list and leave with those items AND a bag full of books.

Another store the I spend a crap ton of money in is Barnes and Noble. I'm a B&N junkie. I just can't help myself when I walk into a Barnes and Noble. On a recent trip I left the store with 2 of their giant shopping bags FULL of books.

I also like to shop the book section at my local goodwill/savers (which is the Easter Seals thrift store). I'm usually pretty lucky when I shop there. I LOVE the fact that I can buy a couple bags of books and spend LESS than what I would have spent on a couple of new books. I'm not real picky. I'll read a new book or a used book.

I've just started using my local library again. With the economy the way it is I'm trying (and sometimes flounder with) to curb my book buying habit. My library itself has a pretty good selection but my library system ALSO has this nifty cool program where you can order books from other libraries who participate in the program. LOVE this system! In the last couple of months that I have been using my public library I have literally hit the mother load on more than one occasion. LIKE last Saturday for example. I stopped in because our automated library voice called and said I had an item in....Turns out, I had a total of 10 items in.

I do occasionally use Amazon too. But the Amazon site is like me going into a Barnes and Noble....Bad news bears for my paycheck. So I try to forget that that website even exsists.

So here is the break down of my buying habit:

1. Public Library

2. Walmart/Target

3. Goodwill/Savers

4. Barnes and Noble

5. Amazon

My main problem when it comes to buying books is that I "have to have" the books that there is a lot of "hype" about. I don't know why....but it sort of makes me feel like one of the "cool kids" I guess. Like for example there was a lot of "hype" around books like Shiver, Fallen, Beautiful Creatures, The Dark Divine and Hush, Hush to name a few. Of those 5, all of which I own, I've only actually read 2 of them. I guess for me I just can't avoid the ones with all the hype!

Another "problem" (being funny when I say it's a problem) that contributes to my book buying habit is the book blogging community. Y'all read and review all sorts of AWESOME books and I come across them and from what I read on my end it trips my trigger and it goes on my "I got to get my hands on it" list. Seriously...Y'all gotta stop! (again being funny)

While I was going through my google reader I found this post and I thought it posed several great questions. So I thought that I would post those questions and some of my own as well and see what you, my readers have to say. So here are the questions (the ones from the original post are in RED, and my own are in PURPLE):

Are you predictable when shopping for books? Do you have a shopping pattern? Do you always have a compulsive need to buy books or are you someone who likes books, but doesn't always have the desire to purchase them? Do you buy the books that there are a lot of "hype" about or do you tend to avoid them? Do you tend to buy books that have had a lot of "mixed" reviews so you can formulate your own opinion? How much does the book blogging community contribute to your book buying habit/pattern?



Unknown said...

Compulsive need, yep, that's me. I have enough books. My local library is very well stocked. I would never really have to buy a book again.

But, I just can't help myself. I love browsing. I love making lists. I love picking and choosing which will come home with me.

The books with lots of hype stick around in my mind and I eventually read them all. I don't necessarily buy them though. A book bloggers recommendation goes a lot farther with me than a store display or an salesperson's suggestion. Knowing that a blogger enjoys the same types of books as I do is a higher draw than any "If You Like Twilight, You'll love . . ." sign. That always reminds me of a restaurant trying to get customers to buy the fish before it gets too old.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Switch the position of Amazon before B&N and my list is just like yours :)

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I'm really lucky in that I've also depended primarily on my library for books so while I occasionally buy books, I usually just check them out. Similarly I try to read the books I see mentioned on my favorite blogs but I don't buy them and of the five you mentioned, I haven't read any. I usually go my own way regarding what I want to read. I think that's because I also have tons of reading I have to do for school so I'm going to look for what I enjoy when reading for myself.

Hannah said...

I wouldn't say I'm a complusive buyer. I avoid the bookstores unless I am in a certain "mood". This works really well for me because I have loads of secondhand books that I still haven't read that I've picked up at library booksales.
I shop most often at a used bookstore in Manassas that gives store credit for books so I basically go down there when I have books to trade in and I end up walking out with at least one book, maybe more. If I can't find a particular book at McKay's (the used bookstore) I'll head to B&N then as a last resort to Borders. I don't have a preference between B&N or Borders per se but I can usually find anything I want at B&N and not so much at Borders. However, the majority of my books come from library booksales. I'm addicted to them. Where else can you buy as many books as fit into a plastic grocery bag for only $1?

As for your questions. I used to avoid books that have a huge hype and I may go back to doing that just because I wasn't too fond of most of the books you listed yourself. However, I do like to weigh the opinions of book bloggers when I'm considering a new book purchase.

And lastly, I've recently headed back to my local library for books because I don't want to waste money on more books like Fallen and Hush,Hush that I'm still not sure if I liked. That's money I could have saved for Changeless and Linger. *shrug* just sayin, ya know.

Lily said...

Ever since I bought my first eReader a few years ago 99% of the books I buy are ebooks. Before that I would buy books where ever I saw them or at Amazon.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I think my habits vary. Truly. I no longer shop at Amazon, but I do like the book depository. Free shipping... gets me every time!

Anonymous said...

I think I am a compulsive buyer. I have Amazon Prime just so I can get my books within 2 days and save on the shipping which is pretty good in the long run. Like I said- compulsive so I buy a lot. I gave up book buying for Lent and it's killing me.

My dad works at a Target too so I constantly have him checking books for me and telling me when things are on sale. He will call me randomly and say, "We have new books with vampires on the cover. Do you want it?" This is usually during his lunch and he forgets the title by that time lol. He knows as long as there is a vampire or something gothic looking, it's a Go :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I really have a pattern. LOL. I'm pretty spontaneous in my book buying habits. Sometimes I can go weeks without buying a book (I know, insanity XD) and then other times I buy a ton in a week. It all depends on what looks interesting at the time.

I really like to own my books since I usually end up re-reading them, they're my labeled comfort reads. :D But for reading a book, I really don't mind as long as I get to read the book. The library, buying it, or borrowing it is all the same to me since I'm reading the book in the end. XD But my library's pretty pitiful so I haven't gone there in a long while. Amazon or the local bookstores like B&N are my book stops for me.

Jaimie said...

I was a little out of control until I started 1)Library first (I also have an awsome library system that loans from other branches and you can search the inventory online) but they don't usually have the trashy romance novels I love so ... 2)Borders - but I justify it by waiting for the weekly coupon which is around 30% off. 3)I go to amazon and buy off of my wishlist when I have a purchase that qualifies me for free shipping, plus their prices are usually aroun 30% to 40% off. Whew! I spend way too much $ on my habit but at least its not crack is how I explain it to my bf!

Lola said...

I am soooo bad with buying books! I have the compulsive need to own the book I am reading, and prefer my books new. :P I buy some at least every week! :P I used to use Amazon.com a lot, but since I moved to the city, I have a lot of bookstores at my disposal. :P I tend to buy most of my books from a local indie bookstore. Also, I have become a big fan of the book depository! Free shipping with a discount?! I am there! The good thing is that book buying is my one vice...I don't spend much on anything else but paying the bills and the occasional groceries. Also, since I am a night shifter, I tend to read a lot, so I feel like my purchases don't go to waste! :P

Jeanne C. said...

Hi, I'm a new follower....love your blog!
I am a compulsive book buyer. Amazon is definitely the worst place for me to go. I spend tremendous amounts of money there, especially because now they do a 4-for-3 deal (on most of the cozy mysteries), and with free shipping over $25.... forget it!

Unknown said...

Target is a danger zone for me. I love, love, love their YA section. Amazon and Book Depo are another place I get my books. I, too, just rediscovered the library. I went today and things got a little out of hand....just check out my IMM post that's coming up on Sunday.

Alexia561 said...

Great discussion! I don't really have a pattern. I try to use the library as much as possible, but there are some books that I just have to own. And you're right, the book blogging community reviews such awesome new books that I can't seem to get my wishlist and TBR piles down to a managable level. *L*