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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scene's from our Blizzard

So I live in the Great White Midwest...More specifically...Wisconsin.  Since Monday it has been pretty much snowing non-stop here with the exception of about 10 hours...But that was before the REAL blizzard showed up and raised all sorts of hell.  Below are some scenes from the blizzard.
 The little bit of green you can see is a flower window basket attached to the side of our deck and the post is the corner post of our deck...We have a covered deck so that my mom could have a porch swing.  As you can see at about 3:15 this morning the snow was as high as our deck and it's not supposed to end until later this morning.
 This is the same corner post just a different angle.  The red thing is a shovel...we have to dig out a path/area for our dogs to do their business.  Again it's deck high on this side too.
The snow depth according to our patio window.


Whoahxox said...

Wow that is a lot of snow! I live in Ohio and although we havent had that much snow yet.. for the past two days we have had a huge ice storm. Most of my towns electric was out last night from it and trees are down everwhere. It just started snowing today though we are supposed to get a couple of inches.

Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

WOW!!! How do you get out of there?? OMG. I guess the bright side is you get to do a lot of reading?

Hope it melts away soon!

Book Soulmates