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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eat Pray Love Book Club Discussion #4

Finish India, where she prays a lot. Richard is a major character in this part of the book. He really is a true friend and is brutally honest. I think everyone has a Richard, maybe write a post about that person in your life as well as any general discussion about this section.
Oh my goodness! How do I pick just one person out of my life to be THAT 1 true friend?! I don't think I can really do it. All of my friends bring something special to the table that keeps me grounded, humble and laughing a LOT. For example, Ashley brings her awesome photography skills and honesty to the table....Oh and we both share a great love for Professional Bullriding....She has a thing for Matt Bohon and I have a thing for JB Mauney. Where Michelle brings a great sense of humor and loyalty to the table. You always know where Michelle stands on something. That and she tells corny jokes that you really have no choice but to laugh at. See it's harder than it looks to pick just one person that is THAT 1 true friend.
As for reading the section.....This was a particularly hard section for me to get through. There was a lot of history and other yoga related information going on. For me, I thought it was a little bit overkill on some of it. I thought that the section moved kind of slow. I saw a LOT of two steps forward 3 steps back with Liz in this section.....Kind of headed in the opposite direction of the previous section. Their were bright spots though....Mostly provided by Richard from Texas. I loved the banter between Richard and Liz. It was easy and free flowing. I just wished this section read like the banter between Richard and Liz.....easy and free flowing.



Erika Lynn said...

I agree that this section is hard to get through but for me I feel like it is suppsed to be since it was hard for her too, its like we are more on the journey with her. make sure to stop by kissmybook.blogspot.com to add it to the mr linky

RosieC said...

Bull riding, huh? Very cool.

A friend of mine who read this recently said the same thing you did about it being overkill in many parts, and perhaps repetitive. There was a lot of struggle going on between Liz and herself, leading to her two-step/three-step shuffle. It certainly wasn't easy (and don't think it was from my own post), but I still think there's a lot we can each take away from this, even if it's just knowing more than we ever wanted to about yoga :)

Anonymous said...

I am such an uber nerd I am thinking of trying yoga. Sometimes it takes me learning about it to want to try it.

Ordinary Reader said...

Hi. I'm stopping in from the hop to have a look around your blog. Nice to meet you!