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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love Book Club Discussion #3

Having finished Italy discuss what the first phase of the journey has been like. Something fun could be that in Chapter 33 while sitting in an outdoor cafĂ© in Rome, Gilbert’s friend declares that every city—and every person—has a word. Rome’s is “sex,” the Vatican’s “power”; Gilbert declares New York’s to be “achieve,” but only later stumbles upon her own word, antevasin, Sanskrit for “one who lives at the border.” What is your word? Is it possible to choose a word that retains its truth for a lifetime?

I believe that the first phase of Liz's journey has been really about discovering who she really is and what really makes her happy....and trying to do it without a man in her life. By the end of her time in Italy I believe that Liz was well on her way to becoming an "independant woman." I like to think that as Liz continues her journey she will only become stronger and finally get in touch with her REAL self.

Right now I think my word is "dependent." Because right now I'm pretty dependent on a lot of things just to keep my world turning. I really don't think that it is possible for just 1 word to define you for your whole life. I think that for each small chapter there may be a word but by the time your life is over those strings of 1 word become a GIANT string of MANY words that defined you during your lifetime.



Erika Lynn said...

I agree that it is hard to find just one word, I think it changes all the time

Charlie said...

I too agree it is hard to find one word, I found one, but not sure if it's "right". I also understand being dependent on things to keep your life going. I don't know if I can truly be "independent". Glad to hear what you think about the book! Happy Reading!

Anonymous said...

My friend helped me find the right word. Well the right word for right now anyways.