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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Learning to Stand review and giveaway

Learning to Stand
Claudia Hall Christian
347 pages
Category: Thriller


Synopsis from the back of the book:
Last year, Major Alexandra "The Fey" Hargreaves' lost everything and almost lost her life. Now, everyone expects her to move on. Everyone, except Alex.
Fragile and lost, she stumbles and falls.
When a small child's life is in danger, only Alex can save him. Setting aside her grief, the horror of the past and betrayal in the present, she musters the strength and courage to rally her team to rescue him.
And Alex learns to stand again.
Learning to Stand is the second fast-paced, heartwarming novel in the Alex the Fey Thriller series.

I was asked by the author of this book to read, review and be part of a blog tour. This is actually a first for me...I've never done a blog tour before. I am glad that I was asked to begin with. I am even happier that I was able to participate in the tour.

Alex"The Fey" is in charge of setting up a top notch team of indivduals who go in and rescue hostages. See Alex was part of the original team but the original team was massacred and Alex was the only survivor and she barely survived. So Alex is in charge of rebuilding the task force and brings together a team of individuals that know her and that she knows really well too. This is where the problem's start. Because her new team knows her so well, they sometimes have a problem following orders. In the end this situation is just one of the reasons that Alex decides to leave the military.

But fate is a funny thing!

Just when Alex thinks she's done and her "team" thinks they are being sent off to some pretty interesting assignments, a little voice, and I mean that literally, calls "The Fey" looking for help. Turns out this little voice is one of many children that a missing Cee Cee Joiner has and is a hostage, well one of many. There is a special place in hell for the people who have taken these kids hostage in my opinion.

This missing Joiner fellow is no boyscout either...there is reason to believe that he knew something or was involved in the massacre of the original Fey team. So now the race is on. To figure out where Joiner is, what he knows about the massacre fo the original Fey team and why he only took out life insurance policies on his male children.

There is oh so much more to this book also, but because I don't want to give away the WHOLE book I'm going to stop right here. If you want to know more you'll just have to either win the book OR purchase the book.....All that information is available below.

Overall, I LOVED this book. I wasn't able to give it 5 boots because there were a couple places in the book where I wasn't able to keep track of who was saying what. That's it, that is the only reason it didn't get 5 boots. There are a lot of complex characters and situations in this book and it will keep you guessing and wanting to know what happens next. I totally recommend this book to anyone!

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