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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sinner Takes All by Tera Patrick review **May contain spoilers

Sinner Takes All
Tera Patrick
336 pages



100+ Challenge, 144 Books in 2010, Non-Fiction Five Challenge
How does a girl go from being a shy, awkward bookworm to the biggest porn star in the world? In Sinner Takes All, Tera Patrick reveals all, including: her career as an international model; losing her virginity at fourteen to a thirtysomething photographer; learning oral sex techniques backstage at a Guns N' Roses concert; having an orgy with a team of firefighters; her unglamorous job in a nursing home; her first forays into the adult movie business; and how, with her husband's help, she launched her own multimillion-dollar empire.
Along the way, she dishes on the emotional side of being Tera Patrick, writing candidly about her battles with depression and anxiety. She also discusses finding true love and building a healthy marriage, achievements that many consider to be impossible in the world of porn. Featuring hundreds of photos, plus diary pages and scintillating sidebars, Sinner Takes All takes the tell-all to raunchy new heights.
As you can see by past reviews I have a pretty ecclectic taste in reading material. I came across this book several months ago and it caught my interest. Come on the cover alone is pretty eye catching. Honestly, the sex industry is a rather interesting subject matter to read about. NOTE: If you are going to read this book there are some photographs that are of a "adult" nature.
Tera Patrick is a pretty inspirational woman. You may or may not agree. But that is my opinion of Tera after reading her memoir. She had a very rough start in life. Her parents were pretty much absent a lot. Her father has spent most of his life an "herbal American" (both legal and illegal) and her mother is a Thai woman with a violent temper. Tera (who's real name is actually Linda) was abused by her mother. She even said in the book that writing it was a form of "therapy" for her on some issues.
Tera started off a model and ended up in Japan for a while. Where she became addicted to drugs and was first introduced to sex. But after her modeling career tanked she came back to the states and got all the drugs cleaned out of her system she lead a "normal" life for a while. But her sex life was pretty crazy and stayed "crazy" for a long time.
Tera says that the thing that really turned her on to the porn industry was that you didn't have to be a size 0 and 110 pounds. She took the porn world by storm. She's had her ups and downs, but she's still kicking. For that she thanks Evan (her now ex-husband), who also helped her lauch her own empire.
So after a rough start in life Tera is, in my opinion, an inspiration. She came from the lowest lows (drug addiction, abuse, etc.) to the highest highs (her own multi-million dollar empire) all with a little elbow grease. What I learned from this book is that if you put forth the effort there is no dream that is unattainable.



Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about picking this up. It fascinates me how many women or making a name for themselves in the porn industry these days. Not just as porn stars there begin to dominate the industry in directing, producing, & marketing these days. I've watched a lot of fascinating specials on news channels & history channels, etc lately more power to those women I'm sure its a though industry to work in.

Wings said...

oooh this looks interesting...i recognized the name and was like, isnt that a porn star? after double checking with my boyfriend lol...

def will read this :)

The Book Vixen said...

Another non-fiction book I've added to my wishlist thanks to you :)

I swear, I don't normally read non-fiction but you come across some interesting stuff!