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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barnes and Noble Nook review

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I finally broke down and bought myself an e-reader. I went with the Barnes and Noble nook because after doing some research I found it to be the better e-reader for my needs....MEANING upgradeable. I have a tendency to read a lot and I wanted to be able add more "storage space" as needed.

When I initially thought about getting an e-reader I had already decided that it was either going to be the Nook or a Kindle. But after doing some research, playing with a friend's kindle and then using the demo Nook in the store I found that the Nook was the better buy for what I was looking for. Money Magazine says that the Nook is the "#1 pick for e-readers". Here's a link that compares the Nook to the Kindle 2.

I've had my Nook for a little over a month now and here are the features that I absolutely love:

1. I love that the Nook is SUPER easy to learn. While I was playing with my friend's Kindle, I found it hard to learn and move about it. I like keeping thing's simple and easy to learn.

2. The reading screen is easy on the eyes. Sometimes when I'm reading an actual book my eyes will start to "bug" a little bit but that is not the case with my nook at all. I sat down one day and read the whole second book in Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series and my eye's didn't bug at all.

3. More title options. When you shop on your nook you have a LOT more choices than my friend with the Kindle did. The last time I shopped on my nook I had a choice of over a MILLION titles. PLUS, you can get magazines and newspapers on your nook as well. Almost any book you can get on Barnes and Noble.com you can find on your nook...Most of the time significantly cheaper than buying in book form.

***EXAMPLE: A couple days ago I downloaded the brand new release The Body Finder on to my nook and spent a whole $1.99 plus tax, which came out to $2.10.

4. LendMe feature. If I had a book that a friend with a nook wanted I would be able to lend it to my friend and vice versa. Sharing is caring. Saving is always fun.

5. The Nook is upgradeable. If and when I download the 1,500 titles that the factory memory will hold...I can add a Memory card and continue to download titles to my nook. I may be wrong but when I was doing my research that was a feature that was NOT available on the Kindle.

6. Can borrow e-books from my public library and Google. Need I say more about why I LOVE this feature?

7. Able to listen to MP3 audio files. I can read a book in readable format or I can listen to and audio book. The best of both worlds in my opinion.

8. The tutorial is ALWAYS accessible.

9. The $70 warranty is totally worth the money! When I bought mine a friend of mine also bought one and we both decided to get the extra warranty (it covers absolutely EVERYTHING). A couple days after we got our nook's my friend had a string of bad luck and her Nook suffered greatly. She called the magic number and within a few days she had a brand new nook and was back in business again.

10. You can sample titles for free before you decide to purchase. If you don't like the sample then your not wasting your money on something you don't like. It's a win win situation.

There are very few things that I don't like about my nook. To be honest there are only a couple of suggestions that I would make to BN if I were asked to offer my own personal feedback about the product.

1. I don't like how it scrolls up and down. It's backwards and sometimes that annoys me.

2. Make the keyboard buttons a tiny bit bigger.

3. The accessories are a bit pricey but I'm beyond happy with the one's that I've purchased so far.

4. My barnes and noble membership doesn't discount the price of the Nook....At first a little disgruntling but now that I've had it awhile I'm actually alright with that.

See, I told you that there wasn't much that I didn't like about the Nook. Now I'm off to do some reading! Have a great day everyone!



The Book Vixen said...

The Body Finder for $1.99?!! You can't bet that.

I'd like to know more about "borrowing eBooks from the library". Have you been able to try that out? I wonder how many libraries offer that feature...

How does borrowing from Google work?

I'm like how you were: it's between the Nook and the Kindle. I still have some time to decide. I'm hoping to get an eReader by my birthday in June. Though Mother's Day is sooner :)

Jennifer (Crazy-for-Books) said...

I agree! I love my Nook! The touch screen is a wee bit touchy sometimes and doesn't go exactly where I want, but I love it anyway!! :)

Diva's Bookcase said...

I've been wanting to buy the Nook for sometime now, but can't make myself spend the money (bought a lap top for school instead). But, I did download the ereader and I love it. It's suppose to have the same features so when i do make myself buy the Nook, I'll be able to convert the books I've already purchased. I've always loved BNN more than Amazon anyway. I like being able to touch and test before I buy.

Patty said...

Hi...I am a Kindle owner and you can add memory to Kindle also...and Amazon also has access to the same number of books as a nook...I don't really think there is that much differenc...I love having whispernet to download books where ever you are...nook must have something similar, too. Kindle offers free books...especially when an author is releasing a new book...so again...It is a matter of preference...whatever we do about an ereader...we are being green and saving trees...and that is a plus. The traveling part of a nook or a Kindle is absolutely the best...no wasted time deciding on which books to take...you can take them all!!!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

I think eventually I'll get an e-reader but I love holding the book & flipping pages and just can't get over that part yet. It's probably more practical for taking on the train rather then lugging books (esp HC!)

Marie said...

I ended up getting a Kindle because I shop on Amazon ALL the time. I do however like the layout for the Nook better.