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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Beginnings review

New Beginnings
Anne Marie Busch
276 pages


Challenges: 100+ Challenge, 144 books 2010
John Stanton lost the love of his life to cancer. Even though he has tried to move on with his life and has remarried, he still misses his first wife, Jenny, and longs for her companionship. His marriage to Darlene is lacking true love, and will not survive because of the distance between them, both in body and soul. He longs for contentment in his life. John is convinced that he will never again find true love, but a chance meeting with a lovely and enchanting waitress named Wendy Burke changes his outlook. He is instantly drawn to her, and this attraction leads to a chain of events that transforms his life. As his life changes, the result impacts the lives of his beautiful and naive daughter, Maggie, and Wendy's handsome and devil-may-care cousin, Michael.
When I started this book I was really drawn into how much John still misses his first wife Jenny and how big of a self absorbed bitch his second wife Darlene is. While John is moving his son Scott to college he meets Wendy Burke and some stuff happens between them that get's a whole chain of events rolling. As the story progresses we are introduced to Wendy's family, including her favorite cousin Michael. John's daughter Maggie has almost an instant attraction to Michael and so does Michael towards Maggie...but because he's 9 years older than her he tries to deny the attraction. In the end everyone ends up happy....well with one exception...Darlene.
Overall, I liked the book. I really wanted to give this book 4 boots but because of a few missed typos I couldn't (that sort of stuff is very distracting to my ADD brain.) I think my all time favorite character in the book was Grandma Mo....She said some pretty crazy things that made my laugh out loud.
What we're really thinking:
Jamie - The few typos I found at the beginning were distracting to my ADD brain. Overall, I liked the book. I think Darlene was written in a way that made you LOVE to hate her.