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Monday, January 25, 2010

Discussion Post #3 - Bloggy Pet Peeves

In this discussion post I am going to discuss some of my bloggy “pet peeves.” I’m sure that there are others out there who have these same “pet peeves” as well. I’m not looking to “trash” anyone about their blog I am just going for an overall these are my pet peeves. So let’s get started…it ought to be pretty interesting to say the least!

1. Only allowing certain registered users of a certain blogging format comment on a blog….I see this A LOT on Blogger….I’ve even seen blogs where only registered Blogger users can comment. Am I not good enough to comment on your blog because I happen to blog at wordpress at the time?

2. Music on Blogs….I do most of my blogging on my days off. Since I work the graveyard shift I’m up when the rest of the “world” is sleeping and sleeping when the rest of the “world” is up. Because I do most of my blogging while the other people who live at my house are sleeping music on blogs irk’s me cause I’m trying NOT to wake everybody up.

3. Distracting fonts/color of fonts/size of fonts….This is just flat out annoying. It actually makes me NOT want to read the post if there is entirely way too much going on. My ADD brain can’t handle it!

4. Word verification….FLAT OUT ANNOYING! Especially if it’s in that nifty cool “you click ’submit comment’ and SURPRISE you get another window with the word verification in it” format that Blogger has. In the time it takes to deal with all that word verification “red tape” I could have left SEVERAL comments.

5. Anything that flashes, moves, makes noise or is animated….TALK ABOUT DISTRACTING! I’m there to read about the books you like to read NOT be distracted by some graphic.

6. Leaving EXPIRED “countdowns” on your blog…..If the book, movie, etc. is now out please take the “countdown” widget down please. It’s irritating.

7. Not making contact information accessible or easy to find….I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

Now I’ve shared with you some of my biggest bloggy pet peeves….Now here’s my question for you….What are some of YOUR bloggy pet peeves?

1 comment:

Hannah said...

I'm pretty sure I agree with all of your pet peeves. I do have an explanation on #1 for my blog at least. I had a stalker that only left comments when I allowed anonymous to comment. And it totally stinks because alot of my family reads my blog, but they don't comment because I don't want to deal with my stalker again. Sucky.

Great list, though! It's all soo, soo true. (and you gave me some ideas about what I could/should change on my blog)