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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Discussion Post #2 - To Follow or Not to Follow

NOTE: This was originally posted on my wordpress blog. Now that I'm back at Blogger some of this is not real accurate but the questions still make for an interesting discussion.

That is the question. When I was blogging over on blogger they have this “nifty cool” feature commonly known as Followers. At first I LOVED the followers feature….The higher the number got the happier I was. THEN I started realizing something…..That only a handful (and a VERY small handful at that) were commenting on my blog. I think I was getting close to 60 followers and still only the same few blogger would comment. That is when I started HATING the follower widget. It started to affect my confidence (book blogging wise anyway) and was one of the contributing reasons I decided to move to wordpress (NO Follower Widget).

Some might say “hey just take the widget off your blog,” for me it doesn’t work that way. The follower widget almost became like a drug to me. I needed more….The more I had the more “powerful” I felt. I could take it away but it was always there to try to get me to come back. Also, when you log into your Blogger account it tells you how many followers you have even if you DON’T have the widget.

So I moved to WordPress…No Follower widget = a much happier me (book blogging wise anyway). I added all the blogs that I was following on Blogger (and then some) to my Google reader and I try like heck to comment as often as possible on as many as possible (I am only able to comment on my days off of work).

Now here is my question(s) for all the readers out there:

How do you feel about the Follower widget? What makes you want to follow a blog? Has anyone ever had a something similar to what happened to me happen to them, how did that make you feel? Anyone ever feel intimitdated by the number of followers a blog has? Do you use the follower widget on your blog?

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Hannah said...

I haven't really figured out how I feel about the follower widget, but I do know that there definitely IS a sense of enpowerment when I see the number of followers that I have. Especially since most of them just started following me in the past few weeks. At the same time it's incredibly intimidating because...what if they end up deciding that they don't like my blog and they leave?

As for what makes me want to follow a blog...the posts, the personality. The more often a person posts the more likely I am to "get to know" them. That's another fear of mine...what if I'm not witty enough to retain the meager following that I've got now? yikes! what a post! talk about voicing my fears. LOL