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Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's Brainstorm Together

I am looking for gift idea's (AKA books) for my brother's fiancee' who is shall we say "a reader who reads because it's something to do when your broke." She likes to read but with there current situation can't really afford to go out and buy herself a new book all the time or even 1/2 of the time, so she's stuck reading the same things over and over again. That and they just moved to a new town...ok so it's actually a city and has no idea where a library is.

Any and all suggestions are helpful and greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend!


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Have you thought about an Amazon gift card? Or maybe a gift basket of different types of books?

Jody said...

The Stephanie Plum books are good because they encompass a variety of genres (mystery, humour, romance) and are fun light reads.

If she likes YA you can never go wrong with Harry Potter, and if she likes fantasy, the Southern Vampire series is pretty good. If she's more general/women's fiction, I've yet to find anyone who didn't enjoy Katherine Centre's books.

Emily said...

What books has she read and enjoyed already?