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Thursday, October 1, 2009

When It Happens - Review


Reminiscent of the movie Say Anything, a debut novel for all those searching for The One!

Sara and Tobey couldn't be more different. She is focused on getting into her first-choice college; he wants to win Battle of the Bands. Sara's other goal is to find true love, so when Dave, a popular jock, asks her out, she's thrilled. But then there's Tobey. His amazing blue eyes and quirky wit always creep into her thoughts. It just so happens that one of Tobey's goals is also to make Sara fall in love with him. Told in alternating points of view, Sara and Tobey's real connection will have everyone rooting for them from the minute they meet!

I found this book on Barnes and Noble's webpage after reading the review for Waiting for You (who is also by this author and the review will be coming shortly)...Usually, I'm not really into a lot of Young Adult books but once I got started reading this book it was very difficult for me to put down.

The two main characters could not be anymore different from one another. It's told in a way that makes sense to teens and deals with issues that are concerns of teens these days. The author in my opinion hit a homerun with this one. Oh and a little random fact about the author....she's a former high school science teacher from New York. I guess that gave her plenty of "material" to study while she was writing this book. :)

5 out of 5


Stephanie Faris said...

That sounds like a very interesting premise and I love the cover. I'll put it on my list.

ParaJunkee said...

Hello my fellow Junkee! Love the twilight theme! I'm now following. Don't know if I will be picking up this book any time soon... but thanks for the review.

- ParaJunkee