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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Under The Sweetwater Rim


Deep in Indian country, Major Mark Devereaux and his men find a grisly scene: a wagon train savagely attacked, with no survivors. One of the wagons originally with the group is missing; in it is a fortune in gold and Devereaux’s daughter, Mary. The slaughter, Devereaux learns, was not the work of Indians but of a murderous outlaw band. With the stakes rising in a deadly game, the only wild card is Lieutenant Tenadore Brian, who is riding with the missing wagon—against orders. Devereaux knows Brian is a good soldier, but is he good enough to protect a saddlebag full of gold . . . and the life of his daughter?

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet....I loved it! Suspense, action, drama, a little bit of romance...you name it it was in this one. From page 1 until the very end it kept you guessing....Is Lieutnant Brian that good or is he not? Do they or don't they? I wonder what's gonna happen next?

5 out of 5

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